Nayla Gedeon

Fractional Creative Director
Talks about: #Storytelling #MotionGraphics #Creative #Animation #Art #Health #Coaching #Wellbeing #Sustainability #Co-Creation #Creativity #MiddleEast #CreativeDirection #BrandStorytelling #3D #3DMapping

Nayla is a creative, innovative and human-centric executive with fifteen years of global experience in storytelling, brand building, illustration and animation art.

Nayla helps companies tell their stories efficiency through inspiring creative work and immersive storytelling. During her 15 years of experience, she has helped hundreds of brands worldwide get phenomenal engagement and results from their campaigns.

Nayla has been on both sides, the academia and the agency side, serving clients as an independent creative director, and previously teaching at the Lebanese American University, Alba Balamand and the American University of Science & Technology. 
Nayla also drove change in content and campaign management as a creative leader in several industries and has a deep understanding of creative tools and technology. 

Nayla has served clients all over the world, she is passionate about art, creativity and film and is a huge proponent of health and wellbeing. She dedicates significant time to health coaching and personal development.

Nayla is a mum of two girls and loves to travel and read in her free time. 

  • Nayla holds a Master’s degree from the
  • IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition ®) Health Coaching Certification. 

Want to learn more how we help our clients?

Want to learn more how we help our clients?