Josh Nuttall.

Independent Strategist
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A multidisciplinary deep thinker and curious strategy designer, who has a natural inquisition to understand how things work. Josh has nurtured his ability through his interests in technology, synthesis, data, blockchain, people, marketing, and sustainability.

Josh has worked with and consulted to a broad range of businesses – early stage start-ups, established large financial services firms, advertising agencies, green tech companies,, leading leisure travel providers, architectural firms and performing artists.

Through a diverse and wide collection of opportunities, he has had the space to grow his thinking, learning from others and designing systems to connect the dots. His diversity of experience reflects deep thinking, the ability to work with complexity, and the expertise to carry conceptual ideas through to effective execution.

He is an active learner and self-starter, launching and successfully leading his own freelance consultancy since the age of 24 in 2018. Prior to this he had spent three years with EasyEquities, a leading fintech start-up.

Josh’s interest in blockchain emerged in 2017. He began experimenting and learning about how this technology differed from the current forms that managed coordination. In 2021 his curiosity led him to contribute to Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs) and explore the emerging Web3 universe. Seeking to understand how crypto will influence society and business.

He has a passion for helping businesses build in a future-oriented manner. Thinking differently and designing integrated holistic systems to deliver solutions. His specific insights and experience were incubated in a South African context (a dynamically changing society), which has shaped his ability to deliver thoughtful solutions globally.

His passion for life and curiosity carries into his hobbies. He is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys challenging himself whether it be running, cycling, or paddling. Physical activity helps to clear his mind and offers a different view of the world, bringing him closer to nature where he spent much time in his youth fly fishing.

Josh holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Cape Town. A broad-ranging degree in the humanities and social sciences, majoring in environmental science and history.

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Want to learn more how we help our clients?